Automate you Chauffeur Service with Dispatch

Automate you Chauffeur Service with Dispatch

Having elements of any business operate automatically can be a great boost to efficiency. Yet, when it comes to running a modern chauffeur service, it now seems essential. Competition in the private hire industry is fierce. Meeting your customers’ needs with the most convenient and effective methods possible is important to staying relevant.

Dispatch private hire software has been designed with dedication to the idea of working smarter, not harder. With automated features like status updates, mapping links and the pricing of bookings, Dispatch can help make running your business an easy ride.


One of the key automation features in Dispatch is the ability to set up a variety of tariffs to enable customer bookings to be automatically priced, saving time calculating the price of every job. Customers can set up a variety of tariffs to price their bookings, including complex journeys, simple point-to-point journeys, mileage, or hourly rates. It is possible to set up specific tariffs for different accounts, customers and types of journey, they can even have different tariffs for different dates or even days of the week or times of day. They can also set up tariff uplifts or discounts to adjust prices under certain conditions. 


Dispatch includes a web booking form that can easily be added to your website to enable passengers to make bookings online, the bookings made can be automatically priced using the tariffs so that payment can be taken at the point of making the booking. Whilst these powerful tariff features enable you to automatically price bookings, they also have the option to manually price any jobs.

Once the booking has been made, Dispatch can send a booking confirmation to the customer. Reminder messages can then be sent out at a select time, before their journey with you. This reminder will help to ensure they are aware of all the necessary details. These will include who their driver is and what vehicle they will be travelling in.

Dispatch can then send out automated status updates to your customer, via email or SMS. They will notify the customer when the chauffeur is on their way and when they have arrived at the pickup location. An internal status update can also be setup, to notify you when the passenger is onboard and the journey is underway. Your chauffeur will be able to use Dispatch to access various mapping services to plan the route, (including Google maps and what3words) to get your customer to their desired drop off point. Once the journey is complete, Dispatch can be setup to send a request for feedback to select passengers or to all who use your service.


Running a private hire business is all about making the journey as smooth and efficient as possible. Dispatch’s automated features can help you to deliver a higher quality of service and streamline the way your business operates. Having essential parts of a customer’s journey automated also leaves little room for human error. Yet, there are parts of the business that need a more human approach. With software taking care of certain areas of your business, you can allocate your attention to these other parts. Letting software complete admin tasks for you allows you to invest time into growing your business. Get in touch and automate your autos!
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