Dispatch can automatically calculate prices for all of your bookings using a variety of tariffs and pricing methods. This feature helps bolster efficiency and accuracy in the booking process. Whether it’s by supplying customers with the price through the web booking form or for an operator when adding bookings through Dispatch in the office. You can calculate the price of bookings your way, either by mileage, point to point locations, multiple journeys or using an hourly rate.

Choose How to Price your Journey

With a variety of ways to charge your customers, you can gain more agency over the financial management of your chauffeur service or private hire business. Each of our pricing options can be either generic or can be tailored to a customer, type of vehicle, day of the week or time of day. This gives you complete control over the automated pricing system, to make inputting bookings a smooth operation. 

Mileage – Through the mileage tariff you can select a rate per mile to charge the customer. This rate can be applied using cumulative mileage bands or a total mileage. A minimum fare can be set up for the tariff, along with a standing charge at your discretion.  

Point to Point – Regular jobs venturing between two specific locations are not uncommon, especially for airport transfers. That’s why we have included an automated function for pricing a point-to-point journey. The designation of the two points can be anything from partial or full postcodes, a group of postcodes,  a village/town or a map zone. With our map zone feature you can specify a circular region on a map, centred around a location or address. The map zones can be drawn directly onto a map using Google maps.

Journey – Some regular jobs involve multiple pick-ups and drop offs rather than a simple point to point journey. The Journey tariff allows you to set up pricing for this type of journey, in a similar way to setting up point to point tariffs, but including one or more via points. As with point to point tariffs, each point can be partial or full postcodes, a group of postcodes,  a village/town or a map zone.

Hourly – For “as directed” jobs you can also set the price using an hourly rate. A minimum fare can be set to ensure the job does not leave you losing money for your time.  

Job Pricing Customisation

Calculating booking prices can become a long-winded process. Some bookings can require an uplift or discount to be added into the equation. With Dispatch’s automated pricing feature, we have given you the ability to adjust tariffs (up or down) by a fixed amount or percentage. This can be set depending on the customer involved in the journey, the booking class (vehicle type), the type of booking, a pickup, drop-off or via point location on the booking or even a specific date (or date range).

As holidays come and go throughout the year, so do changes in the price for journeys. To help make the adjustment of pricing adaptable to your needs, we have made it so that tariffs can be altered on specific dates. This enables you to apply a blanket increase in fees for all relevant jobs on busy days of the year like Christmas, boxing day and New Year’s Eve.

Standard charges such as waiting time, excess time and excess mileage can also be set up in Dispatch. You can set up standard rates or different rates for different types of vehicle. For pick-up waiting time you can also add a grace period for standard bookings and, if required, a longer period for airport arrivals. If your drivers use the app then the pickup waiting time is automatically calculated from the collection time and the passenger on board time, taking into account any grace period. Drivers can also add parking charges directly through the app.

With Dispatch’s ability to customise how you price your jobs, you can remove the added effort of costing out individual jobs on your system.

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