It’s the trust between client and company that keeps a business afloat. Delivering a consistent and valuable service is the foundation of trust for the company and client relationship. Yet there are many facets of the chauffeur service / private hire business rapport that can impact that trust. Whether it’s the source of the product, the quality of communication or the level of security offered, trust is an ever-present part of the passenger experience. That’s why having a focus on building trust with your customers can have a large impact on retaining customers and getting referrals to new ones.

Dispatch Booking Software has a wide range of inbuilt features that help reflect the trustworthy nature of your business...

Your Branding:

With Dispatch Booking Software’s branded message and invoice features you can add all your company’s own personal branding to your confirmation emails and SMS. This gives your communication with passengers, bookers and drivers a consistent front to the service you offer. The sense of reliability on your service will depend on its quality. Yet, your branded seal of authenticity embedded in your communication flow helps your clients associate the trust you earn with your business’ image.

Driver Tracking:

Using the Dispatch Booking Software web portal, your customers can manage their own bookings. They can make alterations to their booking on their own time and at the click of a button. This gives your customers quick access control and a sense of freedom, through eliminating the need to get in touch with an operator. The ease of which the customer can manage their own bookings is a token of trust from your business and increases your business’ efficiency. 

Customer Web Portal:

Knowing your customer is an integral goal of any successful business. With the ability to record booking preferences of customers, you can become familiar with what your customer likes on an individual level. Having access to this information allows you to retain customers, through delivering a service that you know your customer will always enjoy. It can be built upon further, by using what you know about your customers to create customer personas. These can then be used as templates for providing an exceptional for future customers. You will be able to anticipate their needs and desires before they realise they had them.

Driver Tracking:

The driver tracking feature gives your customers security in knowing how far away their ride is. By giving your customers a means to track their ride, they can put anxiety about the status of their requested hire service at ease. 

Automatic Notifications:

The automated notification feature confirms travel plans with the information for the customer about who their driver is and what vehicle they will be riding in. You can activate an automated feedback request to give your customers the ability to review your service. This gives your customers a chance to express themselves and an opportunity for your company to show it listens. Having a vector of communication to reflect on your service shows an openness in your business and creates a space to build trust. 

Driving Trust:

Dispatch Booking Software has features designed to help reflect the trustworthiness of your business, not only to your customers, but to your drivers as well. Providing trustworthy mapping services for drivers allows them to focus on their designated drop off / pick up point without worry about the location’s accuracy. With these features integrated into the Dispatch booking software, you can amplify the trust that already exists between you and customers. 

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