Effective and Efficient Document Management

With all licensing authorities requiring operators to keep detailed records on all regulatory documents, drivers, vehicles and bookings it’s important to have all your documentation in order and readily accessible for when you have an inspection. Maintaining this essential part of your business can become a time consuming and unorganised process.

Updates to regulations can become overlooked, while operator, driver and vehicle documents and licenses can fall out of date. All the documents required for business efficiency can be hard to keep track of without effective management.

That’s why our Dispatch booking management software has integrated systems to help with the essentials of maintaining your business and ensuring regulatory compliance. You can hold copies of all regulatory documentation along with expiry dates in one place. Reminders will notify you when any documents are soon to expire. This enables you to keep track of your fleet and driver’s licensing and prepare them for renewal. You can easily email drivers and vehicle registered keepers to request them to send renewed documentation to you for safe keeping.

Dispatch keeps detailed records for all your booking requirements

These include all required customer contact details for confirmations and even their booking preferences. The booking confirmation features of our booking system allow you to adhere to all applicable regulations. You can send out all required vehicle and driver information, including photographs and license details, via email or SMS to the customer in confirmation of their booking. These confirmations can be customised to display your company’s branding. With regulations requiring you to keep records for a minimum of 12 months, it’s important to keep them all organised. Any previous and present bookings can be viewed in Dispatch in your chosen time frame, with daily to monthly filter options.

Organised Financial Documents

When it comes to managing your company’s finances, we know how important it is to have your financial documentation organised. To fill this need we have features integrated into our booking system that allows you to generate, manage and export your invoices, credit notes and driver pay. You can export into some of the most popular accounting systems. Having invoices and payments all organised in Dispatch makes the financial side of your business consolidated in one place. This enables you easy access to records and ensures that all business is accounted for. Comprehensive management reporting enables you to retain a holistic view of the state of your business at all times.

Extensive Fleet Oversight

The integration of Dispatch’s booking system into your business will give you the level of management that makes complying with business regulations simple and efficient.

There’s more to a business than archiving records and maintaining valid documentation. Dispatch has been built around extensive fleet oversight. Our core features make it easy for you to keep both hands on the steering wheel while driving your business forward.

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