Dispatch Chauffeur Service Software can help to optimise your operations and the information you need to manage them. Our software’s data focused features help you manage your booking requirements, certifications and the accounts of your customers. You can combine these features with Dispatch’s ability to centralise your operations management. With both automated functions and features that let you get both hands on the wheel, you can give yourself a smoother ride in your job management.

Handling Data

When collecting the information of bookings, drivers, vehicles and customers, your stockpile of data can build up fast. Dispatch implements a few different features to help you record and store these types of important details. With its capability to hold detailed recordings of all booking requirements, you can ensure your passengers preferences are never forgotten about. All your driver and vehicle information, including photos and documentation for certifications, can be stored in the software. We know your regular passengers are important and meeting their needs will help them remember your business. That’s why the vehicle Dispatch booking system enables you to save the details of all your account customers and their booking preferences.

Optimise your Operations Management

With the influx of information that has to be taken on board in day-to-day operations, you need to keep it organised. Dispatch has developed a few features to help keep your Chauffeur Service / Private Hire business running with efficiency.

Multiple Views – The first of which is the ability to view your bookings within whatever time frame you desire. Whether its daily, weekly, monthly or in a complete list, the filter options of Dispatch can accommodate your needs.

Tier 2 Management – When working with your partners and affiliates, synergy is essential to a healthy business rapport. That’s why Dispatch includes a feature to allow you to distribute and receive different jobs from your partners. You can then raise invoices and payments for the joint job in the same place.

Driver Allocation – Dispatch makes distributing jobs between your drivers a simple process. You can designate jobs to as many drivers as you need to at once, as far in advance as you require. This will help to organise your driver’s schedules and give you insights into how to strategize for your busiest times of year.

Keeping pace with the mechanics of your business is essential to productivity and efficiency. Getting slowed by disorganised data and poor operation management can damage your growth in these areas.

That’s why the features of Dispatch are designed to put you in the driving seat for the running of your day-to-day Chauffeur Service / Private Hire business.

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