Custom Booking Charges

Every journey is different. Whether it’s to an area with a congestion zone charge, requires an alternate class of fleet vehicle or passes through a low emissions zone. That’s why customising booking charges is an essential part of running a chauffeur or private hire service. Dispatch gives you the ability to tailor each booking and invoice for every customer. With the flexible and powerful tariff feature you can automate how you price bookings. It gives you the option of charging the customer for the journey, from point-to-point, by mileage or at an hourly rate.  You can set up different rates for different customers and types of vehicle if required and can also set up minimum charges. You can even charge different rates on different days of the week, bank holidays or even specific time periods.

Automated Charging Processes

Dispatch has the ability to automate the setup of standard charges and fees and enables you to apply discounts, uplifts or gratuities to bookings and invoices with ease. Once you’ve set up your invoices with our automated processes and tailored them for any extra fees/discounts or gratuities, you can send them to all your customers with one click.  

Simple and Efficient Payments

The ease of completing payment processes is a key feature of the Dispatch chauffeur / private hire software. Dispatch is optimised to make paying your drivers simple and efficient. Dispatch allows you to raise the details for driver pay which can also include any expenses that need to be reimbursed. You can even set up regular expense payments for specific drivers.

Popular Accounting System Integration

Every business needs synergy between its finances and its services. The better they intermix with the flow of business, the greater the efficiency of your company. That’s why Dispatch has the ability to integrate with popular accounting systems like Xero, Sage and QuickBooks. Dispatch enables you to export invoices, credit notes and driver payslips to your accounting software. With features like these, the management of finances becomes a lighter admin burden. This stops admin tasks eating into your employee’s and customers’ time.

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