Getting customer feedback is an integral part of improving your chauffeur service or private car hire business and ensuring you maintain the highest standards.

Our Dispatch booking management software will enable your customers to review your service and improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

Dispatch Software features a 5-star review system and the ability to leave comments that will give you a better idea of what you can do to improve your service.

Getting engagement from your customers on your quality of service can be difficult. Our Dispatch booking software makes it is a seamless part of your customer’s journey.

How Dispatch Booking Software Can Help You Get Customer Feedback with Ease:

Dispatch Software allows you to optionally include a link in the journey confirmation message sent out after your customer has booked in with you. The customer can then fill out a web-based form with their feedback with one click of the link. The form’s format enables your customers to give up to 5 stars on the varied elements of their journey. These include the following:

  • The driver’s appearance
  • The driver’s attitude
  • The punctuality of the driver
  • The vehicles cleanliness and hygiene 
  • The journey itself
  • The overall experience of the service you provided
Dispatch Software Customer Feedback

The form has a section for free-format comments, giving your customer the option to leave their feedback in their own words.

The feedback details are then stored against the booking in Dispatch for easy review at a later time. You can also generate a report of the average feedback scores for each driver to ensure that they are maintaining your standards.


You can automatically send out confirmation messages with the link to all passengers involved in the journey a set time prior to each booking. Alternatively, you can send out an email requesting feedback a set time after a booking has been completed. This is an automatic process that can request feedback for all bookings or just those that are marked as requiring a feedback request. An email containing the link can help you reach out to your customers in a different format. You’re also able to tailor which passengers will receive the link to the webform.

Do I Really Need Passenger Feedback?

The feedback your customers provide will help you understand how you’re performing. Their input into the quality of your service will make them feel more involved with your business. It will show them that you value their input, enhancing brand loyalty. Getting your customers invested in your business in this manner can increase the chance that they will recommend your service to others.

Using customer data, you’ll save time researching how to improve your business as well and have a better idea of what areas need targeting. The benefits of customer feedback will vary for each company, so experiment with our free trial to help you discover for yourself how it will help grow your business…

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