Limit school run exposure to Covid-19

With the school routine back in full swing, the school run is once again a daily task that needs to be completed. In the current climate professional, Covid-secure transportation for the trip to school can help lower the risk of exposure to the virus. Making the trip to school on non-public transport will help build upon the safety measures that are being taken by schools. Using chauffered / private hire services for school trips can help children abide by social distancing guidelines and also help further limit their exposure to the general public. Our Dispatch software will take care of the admin processes for you. It allows you to book your customer’s children for the daily school run on a recurring basis and takes care of the admin process for you.

Flexible vehicle types

Public transport options for children getting to school can seem less appealing in the current Covid-19 climate. Private hire alternatives to public transportation have the advantage of being able to social distance and provide a more Covid-secure environment. Our software can manage bookings from individuals or small groups of passengers in a car all the way up to a 24 seat coach. This allows you to cater to a wide range of customers and accommodate the different vehicles available in your fleet.

Efficient notifications

Our software allows you to record the contact details for each passenger, so reaching out to your customers on an individual level is easy. You’ll be able to send out booking confirmations to all passengers involved in the hire as well as sending automated notifications to keep them updated on the progress of their booking, giving them some peace of mind that the school run is well organised. You can even copy your customer’s bookings across various days, saving time on the admin work. You can enable booking in advance for them for each day of the school week.

The school run is a trial – lessen that with Free Trial!

The school run is an essential part of the parent’s day to have organised. Our Dispatch booking software can make it easy for them to do that with your company. Your service can save your customers the stress of finding a parking space and relieve their anticipation of having to be there on time whilst knowing that their children are in a safe environment. Demo Dispatch software for your clients with our free trial and see if you can offer them a service to make being a parent a little easier.

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