Looking after your drivers with Dispatch Booking Software

Looking after your drivers with Dispatch Booking Software

Dispatch hosts a series of features that are designed to support your drivers in their day-to-day work. They enable you to update their workflow easily, pay them for completed jobs and help get drivers to their destinations efficiently. These features have been engineered for your driver’s ease of use, to enable them to perform at their best.


The Mapping feature is an automated service built within Dispatch. It helps your drivers get to the right place at the right time, with precision navigation. It’s a feature which allows you to access your navigation app of choice including Google maps, Apple Maps (iPhone only) and Waze. When the address of a booking is selected within the app, Dispatch will open your chosen navigation app to show your driver the way. The Dispatch booking software prioritises a what3words location if the address has one associated with it, for greater accuracy. With Dispatch’s capacity to calculate driving distances and travel times, your driver will be able to plan the routes to all their jobs in a time effective manner. 


Private hire companies with a consistent clientele will find the Frequent Locations feature a useful asset. It enables operators to store the addresses of places jobs have taken the drivers to. Saving regular locations can make the procedure of informing the driver of a job’s destination as simple as tapping a button. This can keep the driver focused on the customer and off administration.


With Dispatch’s ability to save customer booking preferences, your driver can be displayed any instructions about the client’s desired experience. You can include specific information for your driver on how to prepare for their client, whether that’s with their preferred vehicle or with their favourite beverage for the road. These booking preferences serve as a reminder for your driver’s next journey with them, to provide the customer with the experience they want.


Job details can be easily sent out to drivers through email and SMS. These messages will contain all the necessary information a driver will need to complete a journey. With the ability to dispatch work to drivers through a single message, you can save time for both your admin team and your drivers. Once the job is completed you can use another of Dispatch’s features to pay your drivers. Inside of the software, you can click on the relevant booking and open the pay details of the driver. If any deductions or expenses need to be applied before being sent, alterations to the payment can be made. Dispatch allows its user to set up tariffs, so the process of calculating a drivers pay can be automated or completed manually.

The Dispatch private hire software has been designed with drivers in mind. Our feature rich software can synergise with each aspect of a private hire business. You can rely on it to support each twist and turn of your driver’s journey. 


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