Making Dispatch Software your own

Making Dispatch Software your own...

Dispatch helps you take charge of your business and keep your branding while doing it. You can deploy your own corporate imagery and marketing through a collection of our chauffeur service software’s features. Helping you keep your business’ image and messages consistent will increase your customers level of trust in your company. Dispatch’s features offer a performance boost, while keeping your company’s name in the spotlight.

The Customer Booking Form

Our chauffeur software can easily integrate a customisable customer booking form into your website. This allows your customers to make bookings directly through your business’ website. They can then access them through the web portal and manage their own bookings. This is a seamless addition that provides your customer with an easy way to get their journey started. It can put customers at ease to know that their booking is being handled by the in-house website, rather than a third-party software.

It’s About Sending a Message

When sending out SMS and email messages to passengers, you want to maintain a sense of familiarity. This can reassure your clients that they are in the hands of a professional private hire company. That’s why Dispatch software enables you to incorporate your digital correspondence with your own branding.

Your Branding

You can apply your business slogans and iconography to confirmation notes, whether they are SMSs or emails. With Dispatch’s automated status updates, you can keep your customer in the know throughout the journey. Each of these updates can include your corporate branding, to let them know you are with them every step of the way. Once your customer reaches their journey’s end, you can invoice them with a tailored Dispatch template. Our templates allow you to utilise your own branding, to remind your customer who they have had a successful and enjoyable journey with.

Consistent Marketing

The customisable nature of these features means you can keep your marketing message consistent throughout all your customer’s interactions. This builds trust and keeps your company’s image at the forefront of your customer’s experience. This can be effective in reminding your customer that the enjoyable service they received was provided by your company and attach a positive lasting impression. All of Dispatch’s features have something to help you improve your business’ overall performance, to keep your clients returning to you for the quality of service. Get in touch and make Dispatch Software your own!
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