Organising travel to and from an event can seem like a daunting task these days. With Covid-19 restrictions and regulations changing left, right and centre it can make it feel like more effort than it's worth to journey to an event.

That’s why providing a booking management service for events that’s as efficient as possible for your customers is more important than ever.

Dispatch Booking Management Software enables you to make short work of organising bookings for events, regardless of how many vehicles and drivers are involved.

Managing bookings for events can be very involved and it’s something that our Dispatch software aims to make easier for you. The Dispatch booking system enables you to link multiple bookings to a specific event. This makes it easy for you to keep track of where and when your drivers need to be and simplify your administrative duties as well as making invoicing quick and easy.

What Dispatch Booking Management Software can do for your business:

Our booking software enables you to customise the invoices you send out. With our software you can alter their aesthetic detail and the services you raise them for. This lets you invoice for individual items, like the deposit or the balance and issue them with your company’s logo and branding. You can even invoice all the bookings at once, with one click.

The benefits of Dispatch Booking Management Software for your passengers:

Your customers can book through your website, using the customisable booking form in the Dispatch booking software. Using the Dispatch web portal (branded to your business), customers can manage their own booking for an event. This gives your customers the peace of mind that comes with booking their vehicle hire themselves.

Booking a vehicle for an event is something that we make easy for your customers and simple for you to supply a streamlined service.

The benefits that the Dispatch booking management software can offer your business are extensive. Check out the multitude of benefits you can get from using Dispatch Booking Software.

Start moving your company into the future with the working smart approach, over the working hard approach with Dispatch.

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