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Within the chauffeur service or private hire industry, it’s common for companies to work together to gain more opportunities. Filling the gaps in each other’s service creates ample business opportunities and allows for upscaling. This enables smaller operators to collaborate to create a more successful business model.

Yet these upscaling partnerships can make blending admin and technical logistics difficult. Keeping branding consistent can be tricky between the sub-contractor drivers and the main company. Bookings can muddle in with other active jobs. Oversight of a driver’s tracking may not be accessible to all involved parties.

Dispatch booking management software operates to resolve these issues. It enables partnerships and affiliates to synchronise the technical and commercial elements throughout their business.

Keeping Up Company Image

Maintaining branding at each level of a chauffeur service enterprise is important for building trust in the people that use it. It lets the customer know the same people who they book with are in the driving seat. That’s why the Dispatch software has the capability to harmonise branding across different sub-contractors and affiliates.

Dispatch also manages the various options for invoicing and driver payment. Whether the affiliate invoices the end customer and is then invoiced by the main company or the customer is invoiced by the main company and the affiliate is then paid for fulfilling the job.

An Efficient Shared Booking System for Partner Companies and Subcontractors

From allocating drivers to the right jobs to sending off invoices to the right people, managing a chauffeur service company can get very involved. Dispatch allows you to keep your business organised through one piece of software. You can invoice all your partners for their sub-contracted services in one place and manage bookings with ease. With the Dispatch booking system, you can seamlessly transfer bookings between your partners and manage the cross charging of services, either by invoicing or payslips.

If two companies use our Dispatch booking system, then they can easily transfer bookings between their booking systems. They will receive an automatic notification email to make them aware of all transferred bookings. This enables the receiver to designate it to one of their drivers and send it to them. Both companies involved can receive automated notifications to keep track of the booking. These take the form of emails or SMS and keep everyone updated on the driver’s journey progress. Real-time map tracking of the driver is also available to all parties throughout the journey.

Our open API enables partners who do not use Dispatch to send copies of bookings into the Dispatch software, alter existing bookings and make cancellations.

Invaluable technical and logistical streamlining

The rapport between business partners and affiliates is something that should not suffer due to a lack of cohesive technical support. Dispatch booking software will improve the efficiency of the flow of business between your company and your partners. Streamlining the technical and logistical sides between partner businesses will save everyone time and effort. Those two resources are invaluable to any business.

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