When hiring a limousine, it’s those extra services that can really make a difference to a passenger’s journey

The benefits of Limo Booking Software for your passengers:

Dispatch Limousine booking software provides your customers an easy way to add consumables to their limousine ride that takes the experience up a notch.

From champagne and balloons to party bags and more, we can display all the extra services your limo hire company has to offer and make it easy for your customer to spice up their journey.

The benefits of Limo Booking Software for your business:

When you make your service efficient and easy to use, it makes customer retention a by-product of your service. Building up that customer base is essential to growing any business, as is making payment efficient. You can operate your payment accounts without needing an administrator with our inbuilt ability to manage different invoices.

Having your invoices ordered will free up some of your time to work on how you can grow your limo hire marketing plan.

Dispatch lets you save time through automating a lot of the administration jobs involved in running a driver-based service. It helps make your drivers more efficient and allows you to manage the business in one accessible place.

This not only helps improve the quality of the service you can provide, but it lets you focus on other facets of the job that will help grow your business even further.

Why not check out all of the advantages Dispatch can give your customers and your business?

Start moving your limousine hire company into the future with the working smart approach, over the working hard approach – with Dispatch.

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