Horizontal growth insights data has helped create some of the world’s most successful companies. This secret information that can be obtained through analysis can improve employee performance and operation efficiency. In the Chauffeur Service industry, data can be gathered from the booking processes and driver’s journey to the feedback and departure of the customer. The analysis of the data can give you a stable base to build your future driver job strategies on. But how can you use Dispatch’s features to collect your own data and grow your business?

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Frequent Locations:

Tracking your most frequented locations can supply you with data on where best to deploy your drivers. Collating a list of these locations that you have stored will allow you to make a map of your company’s kingdom. Storing additional information alongside these locations can give you a bank of information to learn from. Recording notes for these locations can form a report on the area, which you could then send out to your drivers. Information like which roads are best to avoid during certain times and the best places to refuel in the area could prove to be invaluable to your drivers.

Driver Tracking:

Increasing time effectiveness is a large part of improving a Chauffeur Service. Whether it’s delivering goods or a passenger to a location, the speed at which the job is done will reflect on your company’s reputation. The driver tracking feature enables discovery of the most efficient routes your drivers can take to certain locations. The performance of your drivers on these journeys can be tracked to see which of them is performing well and which of them could improve. You can glean insights as to which of your drivers performs the best on certain types of jobs and in which areas.

Account Customers:

Knowing your customer is an integral goal of any successful business. With the ability to record booking preferences of customers, you can become familiar with what your customer likes on an individual level. Having access to this information allows you to retain customers, through delivering a service that you know your customer will always enjoy. It can be built upon further, by using what you know about your customers to create customer personas. These can then be used as templates for providing an exceptional for future customers. You will be able to anticipate their needs and desires before they realise they had them.

Business Intelligence:

The main advantage you can get from gathering your own data is that the ability to see what is really going on within your business. It gives you information on your KPI’s that can be acted upon to improve your business in the short and long term. Areas where you have been losing efficiency can come to your attention and remedying them can take your Chauffeur Service company to the next level.

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