Travel plans now come with the risk of Covid-19, so streamlining your customer’s journeys is integral for their safety.

Dispatch booking management software from Dever Software can provide you and your customers with an easier and safer way to organise travel arrangements to and from the airport.

The airport transfer functions in Dispatch provide you with an efficient way to organise all your customer’s journeys, whilst giving them the chance to organise their holiday or business journey with ease around their own schedule.

The benefits of Airport Transfer Booking Software for your customers:

An essential benefit of Dispatch in the current pandemic scenario is how it can lower the risk of catching Covid-19.

Online booking forms and web portals eliminate the need to organise an airport transfer on arrival. Removing the risk of unnecessary contact by booking in person and no hassle having to call up to book.

To minimise your customers time in crowded arrival halls, Dispatch can generate a name board to send to the driver. It can also send the name and a photo of the driver to the passenger. This enables the customer to identify their driver with ease and get the journey underway with the minimum of fuss and delay.

Dispatch lets your customers organise their airport transfers when and where they want. Your customers can sleep with peace of mind, instead of worrying about their journey.

The automated notification system and reminders by SMS or email will give your customers all the information they need to know about their pickup.

In advance or at journey’s end, your customer can choose how they want to pay.

What Airport Transfer Booking Software can do for your business:

You can track your customer’s journey progress using the flight status checker in Dispatch. If something should go awry with their flights, you will be informed. You can then plan ahead to ensure you don’t lose valuable time on a customer that’s running late.

Our automated notification system helps cut down on potential no-shows, by reminding passengers of their journey details and times. 

Automating your booking system for airport transfers enables your business to have more customers without the need for more administration. You can take on as many customers as you like, with our no limit policy on bookings.

The airport transfer functions in Dispatch will help you grow your business and enable your customers to plan their holiday or business trip.

Why not check out all of the advantages Dispatch can give your customers and your business?

Start moving your company into the future with the working smart approach, over the working hard approach with Dispatch.

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