We’re excited to announce that we now accept what3words addresses for pick-up and drop-off locations.

Locating the venues and addresses of your clients can be difficult. Sometimes the address is not enough. Rural locations can lack the pinpoint precision required for pickups and drop off’s. City streets can overlap and a building’s design may not always make it clear where it’s access is. Map software can lead you down confusing roads that may not lead you to your desired destination.

This is why we have integrated what3words into our Dispatch booking software.

What3words for Dispatch Software:

What3words have divided the world map into a grid of three metre squares. Each of these squares has a unique combination of three words. Dispatch users can allocate the most relevant of these 3 metre squares to any address used for bookings. This can lead your drivers to an exact spot on the map, rather than to the approximate area of an address. This will end any confusion about where to find your client’s desired pick up or drop off point.

Accurate destination times and job costs:

The journey time to the destination of the assigned what3words square replaces the general location of the address. This helps to give you a more accurate destination time for your drivers, improve time management for their next journey and enables you to price jobs more accurately.

The Dispatch driver smartphone App:

The new release of Dispatch also integrates what3words into our driver smartphone app. This enables drivers to navigate to pickup and drop-off locations precisely.

Customer Experience:

The latest version of Dispatch booking software greatly improves your customer’s experience, Passengers can specify exactly where they want to be picked up or dropped off. This will give them reassurance and confidence that the driver will know exactly where to go and that they will be able to get there promptly.

Improve your efficiency with Dispatch’s booking management software:

You can contact us to discuss how we can improve your service and give our software a trial run for free.

Watch this short video to learn more about what3words: https://bit.ly/2Y3r6f8

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