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Completing admin is a necessary evil of managing a private hire business. That’s why using private hire software to optimise your administrative processes can help make running your business a smoother ride. Dispatch implements several features to simplify various aspects of in-house admin. The software has the capability to compile management reports, distribute work, set up affiliates and integrate with industry standard accounting systems. Dispatch has the potential to become your one-stop administrative hub.


Looking after your business from a desk chair can seem like more effort than navigating the city for a delivery job. Having to ensure all bookings are spaced out enough for the drivers to finish their jobs and be ready for the next can be a struggle.

Dispatch has the feature to view your bookings in an assortment of different ways. With the option to view all your bookings in the various calendar formats, you are able to stay vigilant about the build-up of jobs. View them in a list, by day, week or month to get an overview of how to plan your drivers job schedules in a time effective manner. To help ensure that a clash of drivers and vehicles for bookings does not occur, Dispatch private hire software comes with the option to alert you to potential conflicts. The software does this through a process of reviewing current bookings and measuring whether the new job can feasibly be completed by the driver, after their current one is completed. It then checks whether the driver can complete the new booking and reach their following one for the required collection time.

Once your driver has completed their job, Dispatch gives you the option to raise the driver’s pay details through clicking on the booking. You can even alter the payments accordingly to the booking, by including deductions and expenses. Any payments, invoices or credit notes can all be fully exported to one of the industry standard accounting systems.


Administrating jobs between partners can get messy and communication is key. Dispatch software is designed to be versatile for both single jobs and joint operations with partners and affiliates of your business. The Tier 2 Management features allows you to establish your partners / affiliates within the software to co-manage joint jobs. This enables you and them to receive or allocate different jobs.

Managing your admin can assist you in seeing how your business is progressing at the granular level. To help you get a better grip of how things are unfolding in your business, Dispatch can give you comprehensive management reports. These reports can give you insights into some of the key performance indicators of your business. The data from these reports can then be used to help steer your business in the right direction.

Management Reports

Administration does not have to be a grind. The time saved from using Dispatch’s features that optimise admin processes can be dedicated to other parts of your business. An overview of your business from an administrative perspective also helps you apply a practical lens. Getting that overview can be time consuming, but Dispatch’s management reports can provide you with valuable observations quickly. There are many features in Dispatch where data can be farmed from to help improve your business

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